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Chuo cha Utalii Serengeti

Skills Development Center 4 Youths in Serengeti. | SETCO, the Road to Prosperity


SETCO is a reputable, VETA registered & accredited College that provides quality Vocational Training in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism industry in Serengeti, Mara region, Lake Zone and all over Tanzania. The College has qualified and long experienced tutors and trainers.

SETCO conduct both theory and practical training in College and lastly students are usually taken into various Safari Lodges, Camps, and Tour companies within Serengeti National Park and other parks of the northern Tanzania such as Grumeti reserves, Ngorongoro C.A, Manyara, Tarangire as well as to town tourist Hotels where they acquire more practical skills through college internship programme which cover 12 weeks per year.

Tourism and Tour guide students perform their various field studies in Serengeti National park, Ikorongo/Grumeti game reserves, Ikona WMA and village trip for cultural tourism while in College. Lastly, they go to Tour Operator companies around Tanzania for practical placement for more practical experience

SETCO has maintained good relationships with various tourist enterprises (Lodge, camps, and Tour companies) in and outside the park which unlock easy employment opportunities to college graduates.

SETCO is a VETA registered Institution, therefore we conduct a very formal and curriculum based training that give our students opportunity to sit for National Examinations conducted by VETA countrywide to assess their competences and finally acquire national recognized certificates National Vocational Award (NVA) for relevant field of training which help them in the labour market and if someone need to go for further studies. Also in completion of the course the graduates are able even to employ themselves as a skilled Entrepreneur

The 5th graduation ceremony held on 21st, May 2011


To ensure that SETCO provide quality training for the persons interested in working in Tourism and Hospitality industry with consideration that the College is close to Serengeti National Park.

SETCO will continuously seek for collaboration and networking with variety of supporting Institution and Stakeholders.


To be a centre of excellence in providing quality Hospitality, travel and tourism training, Research and Consultancy service for sustainable Tourism and Hospitality industry in Tanzania.


In order to maintain the quality of professionalism training we value

  • Hard work
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Open and honest communication
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Motivation
  • Hospitable service
  • Team work
  • Full utilization of resources