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Chuo cha Utalii Serengeti

Skills Development Center 4 Youths in Serengeti. | SETCO, the Road to Prosperity


Skills development center for youths in Serengeti | SETCO, The road to prosperity

SETCO offers limited opportunity for both young men and women to join and advance career in the following course programmes in diploma level

Tourism and Travel Management course, takes 2 Years

Business Administration/Management course, takes 2 Years

Entry Qualifications

SETCO accepts applicants who have completed form IV or VI with a minimum pass of division IV and passes at least four subjects including English, Geography and B/Mathematics for tourism course and English, B/Mathematics, Commerce/BookKeeping for business adm course

SETCO offers unlimited opportunity for both young men and women to join and advance career in hospotality and tourism industry. Currently the college offers the following course programmes:

National Vocational Award (NVA Lev. III) VETA Curriculum- 2years

Front Office Operations (CFO)

Food Production, pastry and cookery (FP)

Food and Beverages services (F & B)

House Keeping & Accomodation Operations (HK)

Tour Guiding

Tourism and Travel management..1 year

Front Office,Food and Beverage, Food Production, House Keeping,Tour Guide can be offered as short course programme for a period of 1 year or six(6) months.

The College offer tailor made programmes from the above courses according to customers requirement that normally range from two(2) weeks to three (3) months

The College also offer the folloing short courses

Driving Course for...5 weeks

Computer Application IT.. for 3 months

English and French languages for ---3-6 months


The college is currently accredited by Vocational Education and Training Authority(VETA) to conduct training in full National Vocational Awards -NVA level (III)


We provide high standard educational services